Floor Drees: “Frustration is a productivity killer.”

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Floor Drees is the thriving force behind many Rails Girls workshops, developer meetups and tech conferences in Europe. Furthermore she is managing director of a coworking space called sektor5 in Vienna. Today she tells us more about how to combine coding, managing a coworking space and drinking decaf coffee with having a newborn child.

What’s your favorite business app?
I absolutely love Slack, Blossom.io and Wunderlist to stay organized. I use Buffer for scheduling social media posts for sektor5 as well as for the meetups and conferences I (co)organize. The version control software git and Github helps keep my code projects tidy and enables me to easily collaborate with others. The ‘issues’ on Github help me keep an eye on the milestones of the various teams I work with. And believe it or not, I am a heavy Google spreadsheet user, for everything I can’t organize in Fastbill. These are all apps you’ll find on my Android as well, I need them continuously.

With which famous person would you want to start a startup and what would the product/business be?
I tend to get weird amongst famous people (even if it’s just heroes from the developer scene), so I’d rather start a business with a ‘normal’ person. I would love to find business potential in organizing inclusive conferences and other get-togethers for the tech world, with the people I team up regularly like Laura Gaetano, Anika Lindtner, Sebastian Gräßl and Aaron Cruz.

Do you have any rituals to stay productive or increase your productivity?
Making the most of a flow and ‘forgetting about it’ when something doesn’t work out the way you had anticipated. Frustration is a productivity killer. Actually, only ever since I got a baby I got this patient. He forces me to take breaks and walk around with him, sometimes for hours on end, and that’s when I recharge. And get groceries.

What does your work place look like, what are your desk essentials?
Laptop, phone, decaf and a lot of Finn’s crap (editor’s note: Finn is Floor’s baby).

What bothers you most about being an entrepreneur/self-employed and what are you doing to deal with it/change it?
I actually came to like administration and designing processes, it reliefs me of a lot of stress. Maybe the fact that everything needs to have a financial purpose or be at least break-even?! As an employee I feel I could dedicate my free / not-necessarily-on-the-clock time more freely.


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