Glenn Fleishman: “I should probably turn off Twitter”

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The Magazine-Betreiber und Tech-Journalist Glenn Fleishman erklärt, warum er mit Hedy Lamarr ein Startup gründen würde.

Glenn Fleishman ist ein “Entrepreneurial Journalist”, wie er im Lehrbuch steht. Sein Unternehmer-Spirit bewegte ihn, das Tablet-Magazin “The Magazine” nicht nur als Chefredakteur, sondern später auch als Eigentümer zu führen. Die Publikation monetarisierte er zusätzlich mit einem Buch, Ende 2014 stellte Fleishman das zweiwöchentliche Magazin jedoch ein. Die Erfahrungen, die er dabei gesammelt hat, kommen ihm für sein neues Projekt “Old & New” zugute. Der in Seattle beheimatete Journalist schreibt außerdem regelmäßig für Publikationen wie Macworld, Fast Company und den Economist. Zudem ist er überaus aktiv auf Twitter.

What’s your favorite business app?

I just discovered Nuzzel, and it’s the missing piece for me between more or less giving up on RSS and using Twitter and Facebook to discover stories. It’s keyed towards timeliness, based on how many of your friends are referencing a given link in their posts, but just in a week of using it, I feel like I’m substantially more connected to developing news that I actually care about.

I’m a big user of two-factor apps, the programs that let you have a more heavily validated login experience by requiring that you use both a password at a site or service and then provide a second piece of information that can’t be retrieved from the site. I use Authy (which syncs), Google Authenticator, and Duo Security, all of which have different components for extra validation steps, depending on which account I’m using.

I’ve recently gotten tied into a couple of newsrooms for regular work, and I now spend a good part of the day with a HipChat window and a Slack window open. These are both professional, in which stuff among a group is rapidly discussed and dealt with or handed off, and collegial, so that I have a sense of a “water cooler” in an office, though I work from a thousand to several thousands miles away from colleagues.

With which person (dead or alive) would you love to found a startup with and what would the product or business be?

I would have loved to work with Hedy Lamarr, one of the co-inventors of the principle of frequency-hopping wireless communication—and one of  your fellow countrywomen. She was a movie star and considered one of the most beautiful women in the world of her age, but she had a remarkable mind. She left her husband emigrated to America before the war, and brought knowledge of his torpedo-controlling communications system to develop and patent, with George Antheil, the idea of jumping among frequencies on a preprogrammed path that would be impossible for an opponent to jam. The technology wasn’t developed at the time (the Navy opted for something else), and I would love to have worked with her to bring that and other ideas she’d invented to market. We could have had a form of wireless data decades before Wi-Fi!

Do you have any rituals to stay productive or increase your productivity?

I wish I did! I try to find a state of flow, in which I can lose myself and focus deeply on a task. As a freelancer balancing many different projects, this can be difficult. At my home office, I have a standing desk with a treadmill underneath, and I do find I can get myself further into a writing or research task if I’m walking at a steady, slow pace (about 3 km/hr). This helps me get the exercise I need as an “office” worker, but also focuses my mind. I should probably turn off Twitter for hours at a time during the day, too, and that would likely help me achieve a greater sense of focus.

What does your work place look like, and what are your desk essentials?

I’ve had two office spaces for the last several months. My home office is in a daylit basement, so it’s not dark or dismal. I’m working to reduce family clutter around me, so that I have fewer visual distraction. At my work space, I have setup a standing system with a VariDesk, which lets me put a monitor and keyboard up at standing height for use. I really prefer a two-monitor system. It makes it so much easier to spread out information and pieces of a project instead of constantly shuffling windows.

Glenn Fleishmans Arbeitsplatz

Glenn Fleishmans desk

What bothers you most about being an entrepreneur and what are you doing to deal with it or change it?

The accounting portion! I don’t have enough work to contract a bookkeeper, and if I’m very busy, I can wind up behind on keeping track of expenses and revenue, and then have to scramble to file tax forms and pay estimated taxes. In Seattle, I owe quarterly city and state tax based on gross revenue (no deductions), and I have to pay an estimate each quarter to the federal government of what I will owe in tax for that period of time. It’s a lot of overhead and can involve spreadsheets and piles of paper.


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